Transport portable on-the-go activity set

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Magnets are fun!

These Transport Portable Magnet Boards are the ultimate educational and creative learning activity for the car crazy kid.

Know that your child is engaged in ‘Play based Learning’ as they create a magnet transport scene with all their favourite trucks and vehicles.

Building early literacy, word and object recognition. When they're finished creating the scene with the transport magnets, they find the word and shape that matches the magnet. 

Building creative expression and imagination skills. Endless play opportunities as they re-create a different scene every time they play. Easy to place & re-position make it easy for young children to change the story simply by changing the soft magnets.

Building fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination. Our magnets are easy for little hands to manipulate. They are sturdier than a sticker and are robust and re-usable.

Our Transport Magnet Boards are the perfect boredom buster for holiday travel.

The bright, glossy boards fold up with the magnets inside. They have a die cut handle to make our products a fantastic portable activity set.

Take them anywhere! On plane journeys, stuck in traffic, at a café or to grandma’s house.


Children 3 to 6 years love engaging with Transport Portable Magnet Boards.

They are hugely popular in daycare centres and preschools as a Transport learning resource.